About St. Agnes Parish

St. Agnes is in a peaceful, unique and special place. It is set back from Stanwich Road and is surrounded by fields of grass and woods. You start to have a good feeling when you pull in the driveway and make your way up to the church. It has a country atmosphere that immediately gets you thinking about nature as you look out at the trees, shrubs and landscape. It can invite you to think about our creator and puts you at peace. As you enter into the church that was once the carriage house of a large estate, you appreciate the simplicity and feel at home in a unique place of worship and are put at ease with God. St. Agnes is a sanctuary for wildlife. It is a tranquil, private and protected place that nurtures spiritual health, quiet reflection, prayer, and harmony.

As you enter into the church vestibule, our Pastor, Father Jim McDevitt or Deacon John Linsenmeyer usually greet you. They know all of our parishioners and are always friendly and welcoming before and after Mass, as well as at other times when they administer to our needs. The Masses at St. Agnes are simple but they are spiritually uplifting. The small size of the parish (220 families) makes for an intimate atmosphere. It promotes a family environment and gives you a good feeling. Most importantly, our priests promote openness and are always ready to discuss any and all issues. This openness adds to the overall “good feeling” about the parish.

The high quality of the soloists and organist during Mass are spiritually uplifting and reinforce an atmosphere for prayer and reflection. Masses involve the parishioners, especially children whenever possible. Communion is personable, unlike many crowded parishes. As a tradition the priests usually says the children’s names when giving communion. The priests at St. Agnes present thoughtful and relevant homilies. Most importantly, they can be heard and understood.

St. Agnes parish also has a shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes. It is a grotto similar to the original in France that was built by dedicated parishioners with vision and determination. The shrine can be a place for those in need of healing or who may need a place to meditate or pray quietly at the statue of St. Mary for their own health or that of others dear to them. The grotto complements the sanctuary-like, rejuvenating atmosphere of St. Agnes.

St. Agnes has several events each year that are fun and rewarding. These include a tag sale to raise funds for a worthy, charitable cause, the Christmas giving tree, the Christmas Party, the Fall picnic, the participation in the Americares/Christmas in April home improvement project for a needy family or non-profit organization. The hard work and dedication of parishioners on these projects are shared “community” events.

St. Agnes utilizes a quality on-line religious education program for grades 1 to 8. The sacramental years (Grades 2 & 8) will have monthly classes for religious education and to prepare students for the sacraments of Holy Eucharist, Penance and Confirmation.

St. Agnes parishioners like the ability to meet neighbors and work toward a sense of community.