Ye MantramVesave movie review – Vijay Devarakonda movie

Ye MantramVesave movie review – Vijay Devarakonda movie

Time never stops for anyone. It keeps running at its own pace. It depends on us how we utilize it. Time turns things according to karma and faith. You can never predict what is going to happen next. In only a few seconds, time could turn you from rich to rags or vice versa.

We should not cry for what we do not have today but cherish what we have now. Humans have developed a very unusual habit of valuing things when they get lost or taken away from us.

In the global pandemic, we had seen something like that. People are crying for oxygen, food, water, etc. These all were available in abundance to us but we took it for granted.

We had exploited nature to such an extent that it came on the verge of destruction.

People forget that each karma has a payback and we can’t deny it. Due to the pandemic, our daily lifestyle changed completely. For overcoming the ocean of boredom, entertainment was the only source left for us. The latest blockbuster movies and web shows streaming on digital OTT platforms looked like a savior for us. The Aha-only Telugu OTT platform launched in 2020. You can streams here the online movies sites.

Here is a review on chartbuster hits streaming on the Aha, Ye MantramVesave:

Ye MantramVesave is another Vijay Devarakonda hit movie plot that is quite thrilling. Nikki is a playboy who loves video games and girls. His parents are worried about him. Nikki develops game addiction and never leaves his home. Later, he meets a girl (Shivani) who works in a gaming company. Nikki tries to persuade her but fails to impress her. Shivani belonging to a poor background was targeted by goons.

Unaware of the threat, Shivani challenges Nikki to find her in the gaming world through hints.

Nikki accepts the challenge and begins searching for her. Instead of her, Nikki confronts those goons. He tried to warn Shivani that she didn’t believe him. Later, Shivani got kidnapped by the goons. Meanwhile, Shivani falls in love with Nikki. Nikki tried to contact the police but got threatened by Danny (Villain). While investigating, Nikki found out about the human trafficking racket run by Danny and his partner.

 Will Nikki be able to save Shivani? How will he find her? What happens next?

To know the climax and the suspense created throughout the movie, download the Aha for watching Ye MantramVesave movie.It is the only Telugu OTT platform streaming the latest Telugu blockbuster movies and web originals. Web series streaming on Aha have very creative content and drama scenes. Many celebrities have performed many challenging roles. The Aha gives many opportunities to upcoming actors and writers. For trying something different. Vivid genres provide the facility to experiment without any limitations. Veteran artists have also sharpened their skills through the medium of OTT platforms. The aha OTT will surely give best Telugu movies to take Telugu cinema to greater heights in the future.

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